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Remi Cup 2022 Round 1

Remi Cup 2022 Round 1
Local Amenities

Remi Cup Round 1 is a OPEN handicap race that is non-sanctioned.   The handicap is based off of Age and Gender which is designed to make each rider have chance to win. It is also the night before Peryton XC so that you have chance to preview the course. The course is same as Peryton XC, which is a MTB event setup to resemble what a World Cup XCO would be like to race in.   “The World Cup mountain bike race format is held over undulating, mainly dirt-based circuits which riders must complete several times. Courses should be natural as possible but can have man-made features in them too.  A course circuit can be between 2.4 to 6 miles long with racers riding laps of a circuit. The amounts of laps each category of riders do is set to match their overall race time.

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