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Local Amenities

Peryton XC is a MTB event setup to resemble what a World Cup XCO would be like to race in.   “The World Cup mountain bike race format is held over undulating, mainly dirt-based circuits which riders must complete several times. Courses should be natural as possible but can have man-made features in them too.  A course circuit can be between 2.4 to 6 miles long with racers riding laps of a circuit. The amounts of laps each category of riders do is set to match their overall race time.

Although the XCO courses vary in technical difficulty and can look (and ride) very differently, they all have to be designed in a similar way. For example, they have to include a significant amount of climbing and descending, paved/asphalt roads cannot exceed 15 percent of the total course and extended singletrack sections must have pass sections. A typical course has steep climbs, technical descents, forest trails, rocky paths and obstacles contained within it.” (By Hanna Jonsson and Rajiv Desai, 04/26/2021)

If this type of racing interests you, then 423 CYCLING has made it for you to feel the experience.  The course will be 3.42 miles long with a paved start and finish which will provide for a proper mass start.  Timing will be completely electronic by using chiptiming along with Webscorer, this gives spectators the ability to see live lap by lap results.  The course itself is laid out so that it is great for spectators to see the action.  From the main viewing area you will be able to see the riders 4 different times per lap, see them conquer the 423 Flyover, and go through Tech pit and Feed Zone area.  As described above our course has the steep climbs, technical descents, forest trails, and rocky paths to keep you on your toes

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